the past couple of weeks have sucked, getting adjusted to a new school and all.

but now I’m fucking serious.

Start monday, I am doing the 17 day diet through until the end. I think it is a great kick start to weight loss and will help me keep on track with carbs and eating in general.

It will give me the motivation I need.

I am so sick of being this way so bring on the week.

Today I am going to be organizing my life basically and buying a new hair straightener so this should be fun.



Day 2

so… day 2 of ripped in 30…

I didn’t do that workout yet… oops…

BUT I did run 2.97 km in 25 minutes! It’s not awesome, but I’m proud of me.

I also bought two new pairs of jeans for school… and I love them. They’re a size 12, but they make me feel good, which is enough for me… for now.

I also got on the scale a few minutes ago and in the first time EVER I am 184.4 lbs AT NIGHT


Anyways, I’ll try to get back on track tomorrow with the ripped in 30 dvd.

Goodnight :)

tonight was actually pretty good. I only ran a kilometre and a half because I have a wicked head cold.

But in more exciting news, tomorrow I’m starting Jillian Michael’s “Ripped in 30” … Word on the street is that it’s kick ass… and that’s just what I need.

Plus tomorrow my mum and I are going grocery shopping!!!!! Gah… I get so pumped when I get to buy healthy food.

Mark my words… by August 28th I will have lost AT LEAST 5 pounds. Fingers crossed.

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